Applications of REDCOM Technology

Carrier-Class 4/5 Softswitch A REDCOM platform makes the ideal communications system for public exchange switching, including tandem office, end office, and international gateways.

Conferencing — REDCOM’s Multi-Technology Conferencing is a robust solution that gives you the ability to teleconference with a few, or hundreds of people using a combination of IP phones, radios and traditional phones.

Deployable Communications — REDCOM’s transportable communications solutions are available in a variety of form factors to enable interoperable, reliable, and secure communications in the field.

International Gateway — REDCOM’s carrier class International Gateway provides fully integrated TDM and packet voice communications with comprehensive abilities to route, re-route, analyze, and properly bill core revenue-generating traffic.

Local Session Controller — REDCOM systems have been certified as Local Session Controllers (LSC) and are on the Unified Capabilities Approved Products List (APL).

Media Gateway — REDCOM’s Intelligent Media Gateway solutions enable carriers to replace the existing mess of converters and gateways with a single, integrated, and expandable device.

Shipboard Communications — REDCOM solutions are ideal for maritime communications and have been installed on ships and submarines, including the Virginia Class (United States Navy) and Astute Class (Royal Navy).

V.150.1 Gateway — Encryption experts worldwide have recognized the comprehensive implementation of V.150.1 by REDCOM, which enables seamless encryption between SCIP devices in IP networks.