REDCOM's Class 4/5 VoIP Softswitches

Today, VoIP is the de-facto standard. Service providers can offer VoIP services and collect new streams of revenue with REDCOM’s class 4/5 softswitches.

REDCOM understands transitioning from TDM to IP can be cumbersome for providers, so to get them cut over on their terms, REDCOM’s VoIP systems and softswitch platforms are backed by our 100% U.S.-based sales, engineering, and support services.

We have experience replacing end-of-life switches from Metaswitch, Coppercom, Taqua, Nortel, Ribbon (Taqua) or Genband. We can replace and consolidate your old switches, or employ a cap and grow strategy that allows you to migrate at your own pace.

SLICE 2100 tactical switch / VoIP switch

Real Savings

Our business philosophy is fundamentally different than your old switch vendor. Our hardware platforms are free from costly mandatory maintenance contracts, meaning you save thousands in the long-term.

For example, a rural telecom provider was shopping for a new Class 5 switch. While the up-front capital costs from all vendors were more or less the same, our competitor required $40,000 per year in mandatory maintenance costs. A comparable system from REDCOM doesn’t require any maintenance fees.

Over a 10-year period, the REDCOM system will save this customer more than $350,000!

Let’s find out how REDCOM can help

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Success Story: Real Customer. Real Savings.

The state of Iowa has the largest number of independent telecommunications providers in the United States. When looking to purchase new equipment, each service provider often looks to another to provide references on companies they trust. In 2007, the North English Cooperation Telephone Company purchased a Taqua switching system. Ten years later, the system had effectively reached the end of its life. North English knew they had to migrate to packet voice (VoIP), but the cost to do so with their existing switch was prohibitive.

After receiving positive references from other REDCOM® customers in the state of Iowa, North English Cooperation decided to purchase a REDCOM HDX® in 2017. REDCOM’s HDX is a fully integrated softswitch and media gateway platform that delivers consistently reliable core switching for class 4/5 service providers.

“We changed out an existing CO switch with an HDX,” said Reed Ostenberg, Chief Operating Officer of North English Cooperative Telephone Company. “We were going with SIP and it was more economical in the long run to put in the HDX than to try to maintain the old CO switch which required an upgrade.”

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