REDCOM Virtual Calling Card Demo

REDCOM’s Virtual Calling Card application offers real-time rating and call control for service providers across any network.

Watch the demo for:

What does the software look like?
What does it do?
How easy is it to use?
Why do I need this?


REDCOM Personalized Call Screening Demo

REDCOM Personalized Call Screening (PCS) is an ultra-flexible, highly customizable solution for screening incoming calls. Provide your subscribers with privacy by eliminating those annoying calls that use a computerized autodialer to deliver pre-recorded messages (robocalls). Personalize the treatment for screened calls to ensure wanted calls are delivered, while unwanted calls are blocked.


The Next-Generation Network: Are we there yet?

For years now we have been chasing the “Next Generation”, when in reality the network has been evolving all along. So the question is, are we there yet? Are we at the realization of Next-Generation? Are we close – maybe on the brink? And if so, now what?


Keeping up with the Standards and Mandates: STIR/SHAKEN and Beyond

As we all know, Robocalls, Telemarketers, and other nuisance calls continue to be the number one source of complaints at the FCC, FTC, CRTC, various European regulators, Australia’s ACMA and I’m sure several others globally.

Recently, both the FCC and CRTC have put in place regulatory mandates for Carriers to address this problem. Specifically, the implementation of STIR/SHAKEN has become strongly recommended/required to address the problem of un-trusted call originators.

In the scramble to address the regulatory mandates, carriers need to understand and balance:

  • The technical hurdles introduced
  • The behavior this will (or will not) force on the average consumer
  • The impacts to the premium subscribers (enterprises, hospitals)
  • The overall architecture of the network