Our philosophy is fundamentally different than your last switch provider

We still support all REDCOM hardware

Save on class 4/5 softswitch replacement

We don’t charge recurring maintenance fees

softswitches designed and manufactured in the United States

All of our support is based in the US

Proven softswitches

We’re committed to the rural telco market

Real savings on switch replacement

Our hardware platforms are free from maintenance contracts, meaning you save thousands on your new switch in the long-term.

For example, a rural telecom provider was shopping for a new Class 5 switch. Our competitor required $40,000 per year in mandatory maintenance costs. A comparable system from REDCOM doesn’t require any maintenance fees.

In just 10 years REDCOM saves this customer over $350,000!

Real savings on operating expenses


With no mandatory maintenance contracts on your new REDCOM switch your operating overhead is drastically reduced.

In this scenario, a rural carrier was sick and tired of paying their existing switch vendor $15,000 per year in maintenance and support. We were able to upgrade the carrier to a brand new REDCOM switch with zero mandatory maintenance costs.

In just three years this customer broke even!

These providers made the switch. See their stories.

Farmers Mutual Telephone Co. | Stanton, IA

Farmers Mutual Switch replacement

Farmers Mutual’s legacy TDM did not have the capacity to handle high-volume routing of calls. REDCOM upgraded them to a modern softswitch.

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North English Cooperative | North English, IA

North English’s Taqua switch had effectively reached the end of its life. With REDCOM’s system, they cost-effectively transitioned to VoIP.

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Prairieburg Telephone Co. | Prairieburg , IA

Prairieburg switch replacement

Prairieburg was stuck with a 20-year-old TDM. REDCOM enabled the move to a system that would allow for SIP and future growth. 

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Minerva Valley Companies | Zearing, IA

Minerva switch replacement

Minerva Valley was stranded by Coppercom with two unsupported switches. REDCOM helped consolidate the switches and greatly reduce overhead costs.

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