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Powerful 1U tactical switch

A fully integrated VoIP/TDM platform in a 1U platform. Fully customizable and expandable with hot-swappable interface modules.


The REDCOM SLICE family of products are purpose-built call and session controllers designed to meet the low-SWaP, deployable communications requirements of military and defense organizations. All of REDCOM’s SLICE products are proudly engineered and assembled at our headquarters in Victor, NY, USA.

REDCOM hardware is designed to be fully scalable between both tactical and strategic networks, and delivers maximum interoperability between multiple interfaces and protocols including: SIP, AS-SIP, Secure Devices, V.150.1, GSM, Radio, SATCOM, ISDN PRI, Euro PRI, IPv4, IPv6, and Magneto.

JITC Certified Local Session Controllers

REDCOM’s SLICE tactical switch platforms have been fully tested and certified as Local Session Controllers by the Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) and are listed on the DISA Approved Products List.

Local Session Controllers support AS-SIP (line and trunk side), MLPP, TDM interfaces, IPv4/IPv6, and conferencing.

In addition to operating as an LSC, the REDCOM SLICE products can be configured to function as a:

  • Master Session Controller (MSC): serving in a coordinated cluster with subordinate SCs.
  • Subtended Session Controller (SSC): serving as a subordinate when clustered with an MSC.
  • Deployed Session Controllers (also known as Failover Session Controllers):  supporting Continuity of Operations Capabilities (COOP) communications when a site is isolated from the Enterprise Session Controller (ESC). COOP communications include:
    • Audio conferencing
    • Intra-base precedence calling capability
    • PSTN/DSN access
    • Point to point video
    • E911 service access

TAA-compliant family of products

The integrity of computing technology and communications gear is more important now than ever before. When government agencies, militaries, and first responders deploy mission-critical communications solutions, lives are on the line. Understanding where this technology was sourced and built is critical to our security as a nation. The REDCOM SLICE is fully TAA-compliant because all product design, engineering, and manufacturing for the entire product line occur at our facility in Victor, NY, USA.

Available in multiple configurations



REDCOM’s flagship platform. It supports both VoIP, TDM, and radio subscribers, and can function as a Local Session Controller and as a media gateway. SLICE 2100 is fully expandable and customizable with numerous interface modules.

Download the SLICE 2100 Brochure


SLICE 2100 Micro

SLICE 2100 Micro takes the core functionality of the full-size SLICE 2100 and condenses it down to 25% the size. While the Micro doesn’t have the expandability of its full-size cousin, it excels as an efficient media gateway and session controller.

Download the SLICE 2100 Micro Brochure



SLICE IP is the same size as the SLICE 2100, but without connectivity to legacy interfaces and protocols. SLICE IP is ideal for pure-VoIP installations.

Download the SLICE IP Brochure



The original 1U switch from REDCOM is still widely deployed by the armed forces. Its module support enables a wide variety of customizations, including options for extra analog lines, trunks, radio connections.

Download the SLICE 2100 Brochure

REDCOM is a Poly US Federal/NATO Solution Advisor

The REDCOM SLICE family of products are standards-based, so they work with end instruments from just about any vendor. But if you’re looking for the complete solution, we recommend Poly. REDCOM is authorized to resell the entire suite of Poly VVX and Trio phones.