Establishing Battlefield Superiority with Core Command and Control functions

July 26, 2021

What is Command and Control?

Command and Control is one of REDCOM’s core tenets. From REDCOM’s perspective, Command and Control (C2) refers to the strategic, operational, and tactical communications systems used to manage the mission and synchronize situational awareness. Our C2 solutions include the core functionality — voice, video, and chat — required in all environments, from the network operations center out to the tactical edge. These C2 solutions enable warfighters to sustain communications across the echelons, including in denied environments.

Command and Control: the foundation

Command and Control is the foundation upon which expanded C4ISR and C5ISR functions are built. C4ISR adds Computers, Communications, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance, while C5ISR adds extremely important Cyber considerations into the equation. Together, C5ISR capabilities “enable information dominance and decisive lethality for the networked Soldier”, according to the United States Army. Read more about C5ISR on our blog.

Before commanders add additional technology, features, and functions into the mix, it’s essential that they first have a strong C2 platform as a baseline. This is where REDCOM excels.

Command and Control Communications

Command and Control solutions from REDCOM

Unit leaders need access to a command and control suite that provides consistent access to mission-critical information in order to maintain continuity of operations, maneuverability, and superiority within the battlespace.

REDCOM’s C2 solutions enable warfighters and commanders to sustain communications, regardless of endpoint, environment, or technology used.


REDCOM Sigma at the tactical edgeAt the heart of REDCOM’s C2 product family is REDCOM Sigma, a lightweight but powerful command and control software platform.

REDCOM Sigma was selected by the United States Army Program Executive Office Command, Control, Communications-Tactical and is being deployed to multiple programs within the U.S. Army at the battalion level and below.

Sigma benefits:

  • Improves operational flexibility – Low-SWaP software can be deployed on any Intel-based appliance
  • Endpoint agnostic – enables just about any endpoint to talk to each other (IP, RF, TSM, analog).
  • Interoperable – works with existing equipment; no need to rip and replace.
  • Incredibly easy to use – Sigma’s intuitive UI reduces training and ramp-up time.


Sigma XRI expands on Sigma by combining our C2 software with a ruggedized, low-SWaP, purpose-built C2 hardware platform. Sigma XRI empowers warfighters with the capability to talk across the spectrum to disparate communications devices, while also reducing manpower, lowering end item cost, and conserving training resources. REDCOM Sigma XRI is now available in multiple platforms: the stand-alone XRI-400 and the XRI-M4K module for the Klas Voyager. 

Sigma XRI benefits:REDCOM Sigma XRI-400

  • Fast deployment time – the entire solution can be set up and operational within minutes.
  • Built for contested environments – enables warfighters to maintain situational awareness for troop and equipment maneuverability.
  • Solves Joint/Coalition interoperability challenges – bridges the gap between disparate IP devices and radio nets on different frequencies.
  • Radio over IP (RoIP) – integrates multiple disparate radio networks into a SIP-based C2 network

REDCOM Sigma C2 Console

REDCOM Sigma C2 Console is an app within our Command and Control software solution, Sigma. The C2 Console provides operators with a single pane of glass to monitor and control all communications within the tactical C2 network, including SIP endpoint, radio endpoints, and TSM talk groups. The REDCOM C2 Console is browser-based and runs on any PC, laptop, or tablet.  

C2 Console benefits: 

  • Unified interface for controlling all comms on the C2 network
  • Instantly patch together disparate endpoints 
  • Operators can communicate (listen/talk) to any connection
  • Optimized UX built for warfighters at the tactical edge 
  • Drastically reduces cost, infrastructure, & complexity