Secure Communications from REDCOM

Secure communications by definition

Depending on where you look, secure communications has many definitions. Terms like privacy or protection from eavesdropping are used, but one central theme is always at the heart of the definition: encryption. Often secure communications are equated to encryption.

The cybersecurity industry uses a standard concept to describe network security, referred to as the security triad – sometimes also known as CIA. The triad describes the three pillars that support the concept of security; namely confidentiality, integrity, and availability. To be a truly secure system, a solution must address the concerns in each of these three areas.

Cloud Secure Communications

How REDCOM defines security

While encryption is a vital component in securing communications, it isn’t the only tactical tool for a secure solution. REDCOM’s philosophy and products focus on all aspects of secure communications.

With our technology and people, we deliver secure solutions to the highest levels of government. Customers include all branches of the military, government agencies, emergency responders, integrators, enterprises, and telecom service providers.

Secure Communications from REDCOM


At REDCOM, we’ve been trusted with providing secure solutions to some of the most proprietary locations in the world. We know that protecting your exclusive communications systems is as important as securing your data network infrastructure. Therefore, we address all domains of security in our products.