What is a PACE Plan?

November 20, 2023

Primary, Alternative, Contingency, and Emergency (PACE) plans are crucial to mission success. According to the United States Army a PACE plan “designates the order in which an element will move through available communications systems until contact can be established with the desired distant element.”

The more pathways that exist for data to travel through, the more resilient the network becomes. Adaptive network connections will determine the optimal path for any given moment to enable rapid and reliable communication. To maintain readiness wherever possible, it’s vital to maximize the ability to leverage multiple pathways with systems that are already fielded to support strong PACE options, enabling uninterrupted communication down to the tactical edge.


Because interoperability is of the utmost importance in the tactical domain, REDCOM Sigma XRI could be the key to seamlessly implementing a PACE plan by delivering maximum interoperability between VoIP devices, RF networks, SATCOM, and the C2 network.

Not only does the XRI improve interoperability, it also reduces costs and enhances mobility by eliminating extraneous gear for the warfighter. With the XRI, warfighters no longer need to carry multiple radios. Their radio of choice can communicate with any other RoIP endpoint connected to the XRI and can reach all the way back to other units — or even higher HQ. Less weight leads to less fatigue on the warfighter. A 152 for local comms extended via an XRI is much lighter than a 152 (VHF), 117G (MUOS), 160 (HF) being assigned to each Company Radio Operator, plus SOP battle rattle.

REDCOM Sigma and Auto-PACE

REDCOM Sigma is a complete software-based Command & Control solution that can form the core of your auto-PACE plan. Automating a PACE plan with Sigma allows for automatic fallback to alternative communications paths if one or more communication links fail. If a connection cannot be established by the primary path, Sigma will automatically attempt to establish a connection with an alternate path and will continue this process until a connection is established or until it has exhausted all defined paths.  These alternate connection paths can be via any IP-based network type, including Wi-Fi, LTE, SATCOM, or MANET.



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