Webinar | Beyond the CO: Bridging Radios and the IP Network

In this quick webinar, REDCOM’s Todd Kimball shared a brief overview of our new solution set, along with our insights and expertise on how you can enhance your communications infrastructure.


Most communications service providers have established a reliable network infrastructure to meet the needs of their residential and business. But what happens when a natural disaster strikes or an essential system fails? If there’s one thing that the recent disasters in California and Maui have shown us, it’s the importance of having an emergency communications plan in place.

Since 1978, REDCOM has been designing and engineering communications solutions that are reliable, interoperable, and easy to use. Most of you are familiar with our legacy products (the HDX and SLICE), but you may not know too much about our new product portfolio.

This product set can integrate directly into your CO, providing seamless interoperability between current services and radio networks. We also have smaller form-factor kits that can be deployed to the site of an incident, quickly restoring localized communications and providing connections back to the CO. In both cases, these solutions are highly flexible and can be used even when an incident is resolved.