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VoIP: The transition to Voice over Internet Protocol

The Rise of VoIP

Two decades ago, VoIP was just a popular industry buzzword. Today, VoIP is the de-facto standard. In fact, research projects the VoIP market to grow from USD 20 billion in 2018 to USD 55 billion by 2025.

Advances in Technology

When first introduced, consumers were reasonably uncertain about VoIP. There were concerns over the perceived lower quality of calls. However, thanks to strides in VoIP technology, this is no longer an issue. Given adequate bandwidth, VoIP quality is considered to be equal to traditional lines, and in some cases better.

Today’s consumers – especially small and medium-sized businesses – understand the benefits of VoIP.  For instance, SMBs are particularly aware of the cost savings, portability, flexibility, and multi-functionality that comes with switching to VoIP. These businesses are expected to display an accelerated growth of over 15% in the VoIP market from 2019 to 2025. This marks a sizable opportunity for service providers to seize.

The transition to VoIP

Struggle to Transition

Despite the widespread adoption of VoIP and its growing potential for new revenue streams, the transition from a traditional network can still be daunting for some service providers. Many telcos attempt to get the very most out of their existing hardware. They try to push off the transformation as long as they can. Unfortunately, this can lead to higher costs per customer. As more consumers look elsewhere to mobile or VoIP, overhead costs are spread across a shrinking number of subscribers. Additionally, legacy TDM equipment may no longer be supported by the original manufacturer, greatly increasing the risk for outages and expensive fixes.

REDCOM understands transitioning from TDM to IP can be cumbersome for providers. To get them cut over on their terms, REDCOM’s VoIP systems and softswitch platforms are backed by our 100% U.S.-based sales, engineering, and support services. When you first engage with REDCOM, you’ll speak directly with one of our VoIP experts here at our headquarters in Victor, NY.

A Partner to Help

REDCOM works with you throughout the entire process, from design and planning to installation and training. Any time you call REDCOM, you’ll get direct access to a dedicated Tier 2 customer support expert — no IVR-circles ending in frustration and wasted time.

Migrating to IP doesn’t have to be daunting. Contact or call 585.924.6500 to find out how REDCOM can help.