Military-Grade VoIP Call Control & End Instruments

US Government customers and NATO allies looking for a validated VoIP solution with best-in-class voice and video collaboration should look no further than REDCOM. REDCOM is authorized to resell the entire suite of Poly VVX and Trio end instruments (EI).

As of November 2018, Polycom has successfully completed JITC AS-SIP EI testing for the first time and is now fully certified with REDCOM Sigma®, REDCOM HDX, and REDCOM SLICE® 2100. The REDCOM platforms have all been carefully evaluated for cybersecurity (CS) and interoperability (IO) and have been placed on the DoDIN Approved Product List and certified for use as Local Session Controllers (LSC).

Full testing was conducted with the Polycom VVX and Trio end instruments. The Poly devices, in conjunction with REDCOM hardware and software, are all certified for AS-SIP. REDCOM is currently the only Local Session Controller that is fully certified for MLPP using Polycom VVX end instruments.

REDCOM is a Polycom US Federal/NATO Solution Advisor

Polycom Reseller

REDCOM is a Polycom US Federal/NATO Solution Advisor

REDCOM specializes in the design and manufacture of advanced tactical and strategic communications solutions with a focus on security, reliability, and interoperability. REDCOM has teamed up with Poly — the premier provider of communications and collaboration technology — to become a solution advisor with the Poly US Federal/NATO Practice Specialization. This specialization recognizes partners who have invested in developing their expertise and competency within the government and defense industry. Contact a REDCOM advisor today for a consultation.

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