REDCOM is always looking for qualified partners to bring our communications solutions to new parts of the world. We’ve found that our solutions for Government, Military, Disaster Recovery, and Public Safety have seen success not only in the United States but also worldwide.

REDCOM’s diverse product portfolio provides our partners with a great deal of flexibility in the overall solution set they sell. And because we stand behind our solutions, partners can be confident that they will have the knowledge and resources to close deals and bring the benefits of REDCOM technology to new markets.

Proven Solutions for Government & Military

There’s a reason government agencies and all branches of the military — in the U.S. and abroad — choose REDCOM for their deployable communications. Read on for three recent case studies:

United States Navy

Over the years, REDCOM has proudly delivered hardware and software communications solutions to a variety of customers in the maritime industry for shipboard communications.

REDCOM’s major submarine project was in collaboration with L3 Communications/Henschel to deliver a high-quality Internal Communications System (ICS) on the Virginia Class submarines for the United States Navy.

Canadian DND

In order to meet future requirements to be mission-ready, the Canadian Department of National Defence (DND) and the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) needed an upgrade for their legacy PBX equipment.

REDCOM teamed up with Base Camp Connect, one of Canada’s leading suppliers of communications systems, to provide the Canadian DND with low SWaP, interoperable, and reliable tactical communications systems.

United States Air Force

REDCOM has a long history of delivering deployable communications systems to the U.S. Air Force, going back to the TDC-ICAP program two decades ago.

REDCOM is proud to continue working with the Air Force on the next generation of the TDC program, continuing to reduce the SWaP of forward-deployed communications. We have been working closely with the program office supporting their Authority to Operate with DISA.

Partner Support

We believe REDCOM’s success and that of our partners are intertwined. We strive to ensure our partners are comfortable with our solutions and have all the necessary tools, knowledge, and support to educate and sell to new customers successfully.

At REDCOM, we work with our partners to find tailored solutions to customers varying needs. If needed, a REDCOM expert can join you on calls and support you as you close new deals.

Want more Information?

If you have a specific client in mind and would like to know how REDCOM can help, or if you want to learn more about our Partner Program, please leave your information and a REDCOM expert will be in touch shortly.

Join our Strategic Partners

Base Camp Connect is for emergency managers who can’t afford communication failures when an incident happens, no matter how remote the scene, who shows up to help or which infrastructure is down.

NVIS is a highly specialized telecommunications systems integrator with expertise in design, development, and implementation of mission critical infrastructure-less fallback communications systems.

C2 Network Solutions

With over 20 years of experience, C2 Network Solutions offers a range of services including system design, deployment and management, hardware procurement, professional ser­vices, and project management.


Based in Fort Lauderdale, FL, Mykrodyne’s mission is to provide the most secure and reliable communications solutions for government, law enforcement, military, and private industries in the Caribbean basin.

Pyramid Professional Services Pvt Ltd is an India-based company with the mission of quickly and cost-effectively launching early-stage technology companies in the India & SEA region. Pyramid partners with global businesses to bring value and new opportunities to the untapped Indian market.

Maximum Data Infrastructure Technology, Inc. based in the Philippines and provides design and construction for Data Center infrastructure facilities. The company has evolved to provide end-to-end solutions for military and government emergency responders.