Introducing Telemarketer Do Not Disturb

July 2, 2015

REDCOM is pleased to announce an important addition to the portfolio of carrier-grade call screening and privacy features in the HDX/SLICE® family of products: Telemarketer Do Not Disturb (TDND). This new feature will ship with Version 5.1 of HDX/SLICE, which is available immediately.

“TDND thwarts many types of unsolicited calls, including most robocalls, the autodialed prerecorded messages we all get right when we sit down for dinner,” said Kevin Moriarty, Director, Marketing for REDCOM.  “With TDND activated, any call that is not on the subscriber’s list of approved callers — an approved caller might be a family member — will be intercepted, and the caller will be asked to dial 1 to continue. Very few if any autodialers can get through this step.”

If the subscriber’s phone number is in the National Do Not Call Registry, and a human telemarketer “dials 1” anyway, he’s risking a $16,000 fine for each number he calls that’s in the Registry.

The TDND feature rounds out the portfolio of privacy-protecting and annoyance-reducing features in the REDCOM product line. Combined with the previously-available Selective Call Acceptance, Selective Call Rejection, and Anonymous Call Rejection features, TDND affords subscribers the means to deter the vast majority of nuisance callers, human or machine.

For more information on how you can block robocallers and annoying telemarketers, visit REDCOM’s Call Screening & Privacy webpage or click here to download the datasheet.

Existing customers can upgrade to Version 5.1 by contacting REDCOM Sales at +1.585.924.6500 or by email at