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REDCOM Announces Release of Sigma 4.1

June 10, 2024

REDCOM Laboratories, Inc., a leading developer and supplier of advanced tactical communications systems for the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), has announced the release of Sigma® version 4.1. This software release includes new capabilities and features designed to further support modernization efforts to increase interoperability and operational flexibility while reducing maintenance, lifecycle, and training costs.

REDCOM Sigma software is the heart of the Sigma ecosystem, delivering core Command and Control communications, including voice, video, chat, conferencing, RoIP, and a console in a single software instance. This update adds support for Channels, alongside new C2 Console features, UI refinements, and infrastructure improvements.

Sigma 4.1 will significantly improve tactical voice communications capabilities by enabling Channels, which sees its first implementation in the recently announced Sigma Client for ATAK. REDCOM’s implementation of Channels improves the flow of communication up and down echelons and across domains by intuitively and functionally grouping endpoints together. Users can seamlessly communicate with Operational Centers and other units without carrying additional radios or worrying about disparate/proprietary systems. Reducing the number of communication avenues through interoperability and channel creation is an invaluable asset for connecting Joint and Coalition forces on disparate networks.

New features in Sigma 4.1 include:

  • Channels
    • Client users as members of named channels
    • Traditional endpoints as members of named channels
    • Traditional endpoints as dial-in members of named channels
    • Console connections as members of named channels
    • Ad-hoc channels from client user to client user
    • Ad-hoc channels from client user to traditional endpoint
  • C2 Console enhancements:
    • Radio control URL
    • Clear all
    • Support PTT-based devices as operator devices
    • Spacebar for Operator PTT button function added
  • UI/UX enhancements
    • Updated branding
    • Improved dark modes for Conference and C2 Console apps
    • Improved UX for Diagnostic Network Capture
    • Custom logo support in all apps
  • General enhancements
    • Generic RTP radio lines (unicast)
    • OS upgraded to FreeBSD 14.x
    • Crypto engine updated to OpenSSL 3.x
    • REST API tokens
    • Support for TLS 1.3
    • Reworked reports


REDCOM Laboratories, Inc. specializes in the development of advanced strategic, operational, and tactical communication solutions with a focus on interoperability, flexibility, and ease of use. REDCOM’s tactical products are optimized for low size, weight, and power (SWaP), making them the ideal communications core for denied environments or deployments to the tactical edge. REDCOM’s customers include all branches of the military, government agencies, emergency responders, integrators, and enterprises. All REDCOM products are proudly designed, built, and supported in the United States. For additional information, please visit the REDCOM website at