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The journey begins at Modern Day Marine

REDCOM is introducing a new UC solution in step with your requirements. Follow the yellow footprints to our booth #560 at Modern Day Marine, September 22-24.

REDCOM: Essential Communications Solutions

At REDCOM, we believe that people should be able to communicate with each other—wherever, whenever—quickly, clearly and reliably. That’s why for more than 35 years, REDCOM has worked  tirelessly to design and develop innovative communications products noted for their quality, reliability, and interoperability. Located in Victor, New York, REDCOM’s global customer base includes commercial telecom carriers, private networks, integrators, emergency responders, and government and defense agencies.

The REDCOM Advantage



In the global defense and emergency response market, REDCOM sets the standard for interoperability. Our products provide an integrated, converged solution for tactical, strategic and secure communications across a broad range of communications technologies.



Renowned for their performance in the most challenging conditions on Earth, REDCOM products provide the integrated solutions you can rely on. Scalable, interoperable, and always reliable, REDCOM products deliver real solutions that work right now, wherever you live and work.

Made in USA

Made in America

All REDCOM products are proudly designed, engineered, manufactured, assembled and supported at our state-of-the-art facility in the United States. We live up to the traditions of American quality and service by building products that last a lifetime, and we provide ongoing support for everything we’ve ever sold.