REDCOM’s HR Director Kara Martin Recognized as Honoree for NHRA Rochester Affiliate HR Executive of the Year Award

July 31, 2023

Honoree Kara Martin with REDCOM CEO, Dinah Weisberg.

We are proud to announce that REDCOM’s very own Director of Human Resources, Kara Martin, has been chosen as one of the NHRA (National Human Resources Association) Rochester Affiliate HR Executive of the Year Honorees. This prestigious award distinguishes and honors human resource professionals who: 

  • Are innovative and consistently prepare their organizations for the future 
  • Make significant contributions and impact their organizations and the HR community 
  • Demonstrate leadership and operational excellence 
  • Inspire others to excel 

Kara Martin was nominated for the HR Executive of the Year Award by REDCOM’s benefits broker, Consiliarium Group, and will be recognized at a luncheon on August 2, 2023. 

“We are incredibly honored to have a vital member noticed as an honoree for this award,” remarked REDCOM Chief Executive Officer, Dinah Weisberg. “Kara has been able to establish that delicate balance between enhancing the corporate culture, protecting the employees and the organization, and making everyone’s life easier. Kara really is a joy to work with.” 

Kara Martin is a critical piece of REDCOM’s leadership team, where she works diligently to foster a positive culture at REDCOM, retain top talent, and attract new talent to the REDCOM family.   

“Being nominated for this award, and being thought of as someone who is worthy of this honor is very humbling,” says Kara. “I am very appreciative of the recognition but more than that –it is really just a joy to come in and work with the people that I get to work with every day at REDCOM.”  

Kara graduated from Siena College with a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and later went on to receive her master’s degree in Organizational Management from Nazareth. She began her career at the YMCA of Greater Rochester, where she worked for over a decade, and the idea of the “ethics of hard work” was formed early on. In this position, Kara learned a lot about leadership development, managing people, managing a budget, training, and programming. 

Throughout her career, Kara has worked at a wide variety of companies throughout Rochester. She has served as the Mission, Vision, and Character Advancement Director at D4 as well as the Director of Human Resources. She has worked at Elevate Rochester, an organization that focuses on fostering and recognizing ethical practices in the business community, and at Gorbel as their Human Resources Business Partner. With her background in sociology, knowledge and experience in organizational management, and extensive experience as an HR professional throughout the Rochester Community, Kara Martin is a well-deserved honoree for the HR Executive of the Year Award.