The Virtues of REDCOM Sigma: Our Products and their Capabilities

July 5, 2023

REDCOM is committed to building the most flexible, versatile, and Low SWaP command and control communications solutions. It all starts with our flagship software product: REDCOM Sigma. REDCOM Sigma is deployed throughout multiple programs in the US Army and US Air Force.

REDCOM Sigma C2 Software

REDCOM Sigma is a complete software-based Command & Control solution with voice, video, chat, and conferencing. REDCOM Sigma® increases the warfighter’s operational flexibility while reducing size, weight, and power (SWaP) requirements at the tactical edge. REDCOM Sigma is based on open standards with a focus on interoperability, flexibility, and ease of use, and is listed on the DoDIN Approved Products List (APL).

Sigma Key Benefits:

Voice, video, chat, console, and radio interop in a single software instance

Military-grade software built for the tactical edge

One platform for controlling all IP and RF comms

Interoperable, standards-based, and fully scalable

Intuitive user interface is incredibly easy to use

Reduces complexity, lifecycle costs, & training time

REDCOM Sigma includes the following capabilities:

  • C2 Console: A powerful app that provides operators with a single pane of glass to monitor and control all communications within the tactical C2 network, including both SIP and radio endpoints.
  • Conference Manager: Delivers advanced voice and video collaboration tools for secure, critical communications involving a few to thousands of parties in real-time.
  • TSM Interoperability: Access all TSM Talk Groups (TG) simultaneously while bridging multiple TSM TGs together.
  • Secure Client: Available on Windows® & Android™, Secure Client is a tactical C2 softphone with robust voice, video, and chat support.

REDCOM Hardware

All of our hardware products are powered by REDCOM Sigma C2 software. Our hardware is manufactured on-site at our Victor, NY, headquarters. REDCOM has proactively addressed every step of the supply chain to reduce risk and meet the federal standards for TAA compliance.


Our REDCOM Sigma XRI hardware family has grown considerably to include Sigma XRI modules for the most popular tactical platforms.

  • Sigma XRI-400: A purpose-built MIL-spec compute platform with integrated radio interop. Measures 8.4 x 5.75 x 2.6 in and weighs just 2.6 lbs. Can integrate into any tactical network.
  • Sigma XRI-M4K: A module for the Klas Voyager platform, bringing all the power of REDCOM Sigma, C2 interoperability, and radio crossbanding to existing Voyager systems.
  • PacStar 421 Module with XRI: A module for PacStar systems from Curtiss-Wright. Delivers all the power of Sigma XRI in a PacStar 400-series tactical computing module.


The REDCOM SVG was developed in partnership with General Dynamics Mission Systems. REDCOM provides the call control and conferencing capabilities, while the General Dynamics Sectéra® vIPer™ phones provide the ACC-compliant Type 1 encryption.

REDCOM SVG Key Benefits:

Improves the cybersecurity posture of voice conferencing
Enables easy-to-use multi-party ACC-compliant Type 1 communications
Black side of the network can be anywhere in the world, as long as the endpoints are Type 1 capable
Resolves “low audio” issues with legacy systems
Crystal clear voice quality on both the red and black sides of the network


In addition to REDCOM’s own XRI and SVG hardware, REDCOM Sigma can be deployed on any third-party compute platform or CMOSS chassis. This type of flexibility with our products allows for increased C2 interoperability from government agencies to the tactical edge. Reach out to today for more information or to schedule a demo of REDCOM Sigma.