What is Low-SWaP?

What is Low-SWaP?

SWaP stands for Size, Weight, and Power – it is typically used in the context of reducing the overall dimensions and weight of a device while increasing its efficiency and lowering the overall footprint. The prominence of the acronym has been primarily driven by military requirements and industry trends toward smaller more powerful devices.

Low-SWaP in a Military Context

The use of low-SWaP has increased in military literature and requirements over the past decade. As modern strategies and tactical environments demand more mobile and flexible forces, the need for low-SWaP equipment has risen.

In fact, with the size of Rifle squads and Fireteams shrinking, fighter’s packs have increased in weight to account for fewer bodies, making the development of low SWaP equipment even more critical.

From use in Fireteams to the Battalion level, optimizing all mission-critical equipment for SWaP is a current priority of today’s armed forces.

Low-SWaP in Communications

REDCOM has a history of delivering essential communications in a compact footprint. As we develop each new generation of REDCOM products, we bear in mind the SWaP requirements of warfighters and first responders.

Our latest call control software product is the epitome of “Low SWaP”. Our Sigma® software runs on any industry-standard server with as little as 2GB/1 core.

Virtual Netcom's Low SWaP VNC RAID™ with REDCOM Sigma

We’ve been working with many partners on integrating REDCOM Sigma onto their platforms. The latest concept is our partnership with Virtualnetcom, where our software runs on a tiny server housed into a lightweight backpack that also integrates LTE functionality. The nature of REDCOM Sigma lends it to various platforms and can be installed on virtually any device that meets the low processing requirements.

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