Use Case | Tactical Communications

Increasing tactical edge interoperability with REDCOM Sigma

REDCOM Sigma C2 software solves near-term and long-term comms requirements for forces at the tactical edge. Sigma provides voice, video, chat, conferencing, TSM integration, and softphone capabilities for C2 operators to connect any combination of device types (i.e., hard phones, soft phones, radios) regardless of network architecture.  

Sigma is standards-based making the software agnostic to the underlying platforms, waveforms or networks, and transmission paths already used. This open standards approach allows Sigma to leverage analog and radio gateways already fielded to provide a single interface for controlling all IP and RF communications without the need to rip and replace distant endpoints.  

Sigma is uniquely positioned to solve immediate and future requirements for tactical forces by focusing on connectivity, survivability, agility, and flexibility: 

  • Connectivity: with the ability to leverage any network, Sigma solves the need for interoperable systems with commercial partners, multi-BLOS communications, connectivity with operation centers in a hub-and-spoke or distributed context, and the ability to reside in mobile communications kits.  
  • Survivability: Sigma can be virtualized or run bare metal, delivering the network diversification of voice needed in an operations center and a call control platform capable of operating in on-the-move vehicles and mobile C2 aircraft.  
  • Agility:  because of our integration efforts with TSM, Sigma enables communication between disparate devices over a TSM mesh network while also providing the ability to crossband TSM talk groups with traditional RF nets and IP-based devices. 
  • Flexibility: the ability to tailor equipment for the mission at hand is a critical requirement for all branches. REDCOM Sigma is available in multiple deployment platforms, and can be customized by the end user. 

In line with the flexibility of Sigma it can be deployed in multiple scenarios including the following: 

  • REDCOM Sigma XRI: A lightweight, low SWaP box with 4 analog audio interfaces for donor radios and can bridge multiple radio nets. 
  • REDCOM Sigma XRI-M4K: A module designed specifically for the Klas Voyager system. 
  • PacStar 421 Module with XRI: A RoIP module for PacStar systems from Curtiss-Wright.
  • 3rd party compute platforms: Sigma can run bare metal or virtualized on standard servers with 64-bit Intel® & AMD processors. 
  • CMOSS/SOSA: Demoed on various SOSA-aligned platforms from Curtiss-Wright and Spectranetix 

By connecting disparate networks and resources, Sigma provides powerful Command and Control communications to those closest to the fight through multiple ways of communication that are agnostic to any network, waveform, or end-user device. 


Sigma XRI solves voice communication insufficiencies across mobile and deployed forces. Sigma XRI is a small form factor C2 solution that provides voice, video, chat, and RoIP in a single, rugged, low-SWaP platform. REDCOM Sigma XRI platforms allow C2 operators to leverage existing radio assets and connect those assets seamlessly with other voice-centric EUDs, regardless of the radio network, frequency, or encryption used.  

Deploying personnel to establish, expand, and sustain remote command posts and austere airfields relies on voice communications as a core competency. Through REDCOM’s partnership with Klas, we’ve developed the XRI-M4K module specifically for the Klas Voyager system, bringing all the power of REDCOM Sigma and Sigma XRI to their modular chassis. As this hardware is already in use with numerous units, the M4K module can drop into the Voyager system and utilize REDCOM Sigma C2 software for all radio crossbanding and call control needed to maintain communications during airfield operations.

We’ve done the same thing for Curtiss-Wright’s PacStar tactical communication systems. The PacStar 421 module with REDCOM XRI delivers all the power of Sigma and radio interoperability to PacStar platforms.

Augmenting existing communications kits with REDCOM hardware and software, or replacing those kits altogether with XRI-400, provides forces at the tactical edge with the ability to crossband HH-radios with MILSATCOM/BLOS as well as integrate software-defined radios (i.e., TSM) and any other EUD by utilizing REDCOM Secure Client, our C2 softphone for Windows® and Android 

If Klas or PacStar systems are not the network/compute system of choice, REDCOM products still solve voice requirements in new communications kits because our products are hardware- and hypervisor-agnostic. With REDCOM Sigma XRI-400, we can reduce complexity in the tactical environment by replacing multiple pieces of hardware and software with one integrated low-SWaP platform. This improves operational flexibility by providing tactical users with just one platform to buy, configure, train, and deploy.