Bridge Radio and IP Communications

Radio networks create the communications backbone of the modern theater. Using a combination of satellite, fixed station, and mesh systems, RF communications increasingly demands interoperation with VoIP endpoints, both next-generation and legacy.

Radio Gateway solutions bridge the chasm between IP-based networks and radio nets. Interoperability between unlike technologies is supported for:

  • Land Mobile Radios (LMR), Ground-to-air Radios, MANET, and others.
  • Legacy waveforms and bands with new software-defined radios
  • Interoperation among HF, VHF, UHF and high-frequency networks including line-of-sight and satellite
  • Fixed and mobile VoIP endpoints
  • SIP/AS-SIP for secure communications
  • Civilian telecoms including T1, E1, E&M, and LSRD stations
  • PBX subscribers
  • TrellisWare TSM™ radios — talk groups on the TSM network can be bridged with other radios and the rest of the C2 network 

An Intelligent Radio Gateway

Sigma® XRI is REDCOM’s intelligent Radio Gateway solution, and it’s far more powerful than just a crossbanding solution. REDCOM Sigma XRI is a full-featured C2 platform, including call switching, routing, and conferencing capabilities with radio features such as:

  • Flexible PTT controls
  • VOX and COR
  • Tunable 4-wire TX/RX audio interfaces
  • Audio Monitoring
  • Secure Radio over IP (RoIP)
  • Interoperability with mobile clients

C2 Console delivers robust RoIP enhancements

Radio Command and Control is enhanced with the REDCOM Sigma C2 Console, a powerful and easy-to-use PTT app that allows an operator to monitor and patch together any IP endpoint, RF endpoint, or TSM talk group on-the-fly. The C2 Console provides the following key features:

  • Instantly patch together disparate radio endpoints
  • Operators can communicate (listen/talk) to any connection
  • Drastically reduces cost, infrastructure, & complexity
  • Entirely agnostic to the underlying platform, the waveform, and the transmission path
  • Connects TSM talk groups with other radios and IP devices

Connecting with Public Safety Networks

Government defense organizations and first responders often face communications interoperability challenges when arriving at the scene of an incident. A single emergency event might involve many departments and individuals including fire (P25, Analog, VHF), sheriff (P25, P1, UHF), police (P25, P27/800), park police (DMR), participants with LTE phones, and emergency managers in an office far away from the scene. Differences in waveform, band, channel, or trunking may prevent these organizations from communicating with each other.

REDCOM Sigma XRI provides a rapid-response, easy to use C2 platform to coordinate all of the responders or strike teams together. Because the XRI is more than just a gateway, the response can include interfaces with FirstNet, the Public Voice Telephone Network (PSTN) and any IP-based communications equipment already fielded.

Military Radios at the Tactical Edge

Similarly, communications at the tactical edge require flexible and powerful integration. Warfighters working alongside Non-Government Organizations (NGO), Joint, and/or Coalition forces encounter serious challenges communicating with each other due to the varying waveform and communications technologies employed by each entity.

REDCOM solves these interoperability challenges with Sigma XRI, a low-SWaP C2 platform with voice, video, chat, and radio interoperability in a single tough, hand- or pack-carriable box. By connecting up to four “donor radios” directly to the XRI-400, users can instantly bridge the gap between disparate radio networks, endpoints, or frequencies, allowing for seamless communications between organizations.

The donor radio method reduces the need to dedicate personnel in a swivel-chair role—instead of loaning a comms expert to each partner group who has to coordinate verbally between organizations, the XRI provides for a single radio to open direct communications bridges. Additionally, Sigma XRI-400 allows radio users to communicate directly with users on any SIP end device (e.g. SATCOM, VoIP phones) and can even participate in voice conferences, both locally and globally.

Radio over IP (RoIP)

REDCOM Sigma XRI supports Radio Over IP (RoIP) allowing tactical radios on multiple nets to connect into an existing C2 network. With the ability to bridge radios into both legacy and SIP-based networks, radio users have global access to any device on the C2 network, including smartphones, softphones, desk phones, Satcom devices, and 4G/5G wireless endpoints.

Intelligent Radio Gateway - bridge radio nets with REDCOM Sigma XRI