Zero Trust Architectures for the Tactical Edge

November 30, 2021

Zero Trust Architectures for the Tactical Edge

Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) is an exciting theoretical approach to total information security, but it is just that – an approach. While ZTA technologies are already being developed, tested, and implemented, it is important to not lose sight of the ripples which changes in the enterprise will cause downstream to the edge.

Instead of driving the ZTA solely from the top-down, REDCOM is seeing an operational benefit in constructing the enterprise ZTA from the bottom-up. The ZTA is a noteworthy and significant step toward mitigating a variety of threats emergent in the cyber landscape, but the lack of conversation surrounding down-echelon and cross-echelon zero-trust interoperability is troubling, especially for those operating in the tactical environment.

REDCOM is a leading voice in the conversation on actualizing a working Zero Trust Architecture for the tactical edge. In this webinar, REDCOM’s Collin Sweeney and Kal Baumwart will discuss the state of ZTA today along with some of the challenges in bringing this technology to the edge. We’ll then introduce you to REDCOM’s answer to this problem: a seamless, lightweight, easy-to-deploy authentication solution built from the bottom-up to meet the needs of users in the tactical domain.

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