FBC Regional MD/ NoVa Industry Day

August 31, 2021


Join FBC for Regional MD/NoVa DoD Industry Day, which will be a live, “in-person,” online event using the FBC Virtual Event Venue. The purpose of the event is to provide updated information and resources to U.S. Army personnel in support of 2021 mission requirements and beyond.

A strong Command and Control foundation is essential across all echelons of the DoD, from strategic government agencies out to the tactical edge. In this session, you’ll learn how REDCOM’s C2 solutions address the challenges of interoperability, security, mobility, and low SWaP with technology that improves flexibility and ease of use while reducing complexity and lifecycle costs.

The format for this event will be presentation-style, anchored by several keynote addresses by leadership personnel. The presentation format allows a select group of industry contractors to brief the audience on the topic of their choice. Each presenting participant will have 20-30 minutes. Live presentations will be recorded for on-demand viewing for 30 days. Briefings may also be pre-recorded and added to the agenda. Participating companies will also be included on multiple promotional emails sent to personnel at four U.S Army bases leading up to the session.

This event will be promoted to the following U.S. Army bases: Fort Meade, Fort Belvoir, Aberdeen Proving Ground and Ft. Detrick.