The dangers of offshoring engineering & development

September 12, 2023

Do you know where your products are developed?

Knowing where mission-critical hardware and software products are engineered and manufactured is essential to national security. When products are intended for use at the highest level of government and at the tactical edge, it is imperative that you know where these products are being sourced.

So many companies outsource to foreign developers or contractors. For example, according to the DoD, China dominates the global advanced battery supply chain. China is responsible for providing 94% of the lithium hydroxide and 70% of the lithium carbonate. By relying this heavily on another country’s resources it not only limits how fast we can produce necessary products, but it creates a true national security concern.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the invasion of Ukraine have created massive supply chain disruptions in the private sector. The US government is not immune to these disruptions and financial burdens, but the stakes are certainly higher at this level. An inability to meet strategic defense objectives and combat casualties are just a few of the results an insufficient supply chain can create. Using the battery example, if our relationship with foreign nations were to change or their supply decreased, it would cause a massive ripple effect. Losing access to a specific resource or product could be detrimental to the economy and lives. This example proves the point that domestic sourcing needs to increase.

The REDCOM advantage: USA-based development and manufacturing

REDCOM designs, engineers, and manufactures all our products in the United States. All of REDCOM’s manufacturing is located in the same building as our main offices, giving us complete control over sourcing, production, and quality control. We work only with vetted and trusted suppliers to ensure that we source the best and most reliable components for every product. REDCOM has proactively addressed every supply chain step to reduce risk, making our products TAA-compliant.

In addition to producing our own hardware products, all software development at REDCOM is done in-house. Though it’s common across the industry to outsource software engineering to countries such as India and Romania, we believe this is shortsighted and dangerous. First, outsourcing software development can create national security concerns and can leave us more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Second, it’s actually faster to develop in-house, enabling us to pivot our engineering efforts based on evolving customer requirements instantly.

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