REDCOM, through Iron Bow Technologies and Telos, will supply the United States Air Force with new deployable communications platforms

October 26, 2020

Value of the deal is over $5M

REDCOM Laboratories, Inc., the leading supplier of advanced communications solutions for the tactical edge, has been awarded a contract by Telos Corporation where the company will be supplying Flexible Communications Package components to the Black Core Architecture within the United States Air Force. This contract is primed by Telos Corporation, with Iron Bow Technologies, LLC (“Iron Bow”) as the primary subcontractor to Telos, and REDCOM as a lower-tier subcontractor to Iron Bow.

This program provides the warfighter with flexible, lightweight, modular, scalable, and integrated communications equipment. REDCOM was selected to supply the Black Core program with communications technology because of the company’s previous involvement and success within the Air Force’s Integrated Communications Access Packages (ICAP) program.

“REDCOM has a long history of supplying highly reliable systems to the United States Air Force going back to the 1990s,” said REDCOM President and CEO, Dinah Weisberg. “We’re proud of the long-term relationship we have with the Air Force, and we look forward to working with the USAF and our partners to advance and modernize communications architecture at the tactical edge.”

The size of this program includes more than 200 REDCOM SLICE® 2100 systems. These systems will be used within the Black Core Architecture to help provide the warfighter with access to the various networks. Partnering with Iron Bow and Telos to supply this equipment allows REDCOM to continue to expand the reach of REDCOM gear into the Air Force network.



REDCOM Laboratories, Inc. is a woman-owned small business that specializes in the development of advanced strategic, operational, and tactical communication solutions with a focus on interoperability, flexibility, and ease of use. REDCOM’s MIL-spec products are optimized for low size, weight, and power (SWaP), making them the ideal communications core for denied environments or deployments to the tactical edge. REDCOM’s customers include all branches of the military, government agencies, emergency responders, integrators, and enterprises. All REDCOM products are proudly designed, built, and supported in the United States. For additional information, please visit the REDCOM website at


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