REDCOM launches Sigma® military-grade Unified Communications software

September 23, 2016

REDCOM is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the Sigma® product family, a complete software-based Unified Communications (UC) solution. REDCOM leveraged decades of experience to build Sigma to meet the demanding requirements of government and military entities. Sigma is based on open standards with a focus on interoperability, reliability, and security.

At the heart of the Sigma product family is REDCOM Sigma, a powerful Virtual Local Session Controller (LSC), Virtual PBX, and Class 4/5 End Office. Sigma Core features highly flexible call and message routing combined with an integrated media server. The software’s UC features include VoIP, point-to-point video, chat with presence, voice conferencing, unified messaging, and full MLPP support. Sigma Core is designed to be highly scalable, supporting both small tactical teams as well as strategic deployments.

Sigma Core has undergone and passed rigorous testing with the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) for compliance with Unified Communications Requirements (UCR) 2013 Errata 1, under the category Local Session Controller (LSC). This process ensures compliance with established standards for DoD-based Tactical deployments.

Also part of the Sigma product family is the REDCOM Secure Client, a secure UC app available for both Windows® and Android™. With the REDCOM Sigma Client, users gain access to powerful UC functions — including voice, video, and chat with presence — from the convenience of a PC, tablet, or smartphone. The Sigma Client also features preemption controls and Push-to-Talk (PTT) for instantaneous voice communication via IP. To maximize survivability, the app can register to multiple independent SIP call controllers. The REDCOM Sigma Client for Windows is currently the only softphone on the DISA Approved Products List (APL).

For more information on REDCOM’s new Sigma UC software, contact a REDCOM customer advocate at +1.585.924.6500 or sales@redcom.com