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REDCOM Secure Client

Your office, anywhere

Deliver powerful UC functions with this softphone app- including voice, video, and chat with presence - to your customer's Android, Windows, and iOS devices.

REDCOM Secure Client

The REDCOM Secure Client softphone app bridges the worlds of telephony and IT by providing the means for seamless secure communications in an increasingly mobile and web-centric world.

The REDCOM Secure Client enables service providers to add new layers of value by going way beyond the traditional desk phone. Business customers can gain access to their entire office communications from a PC, tablet, or smartphone anywhere in the world.

Cloud Secure Communications

Secure Communications

Protect critical business communications by taking advantage of the REDCOM Secure Client’s powerful 2048-bit RSA encryption for voice, video, and chat. The REDCOM Secure Client for Android™ also features FIPS 140-2 validated encryption.

VoLTE voice over lte with softphone and ptt

Integrated push-to-talk (PTT)

Built-in push-to-talk technology enables the REDCOM softphone app to key a radio in the network. Where the endpoint isn’t a radio gateway, the PTT function can mute/ unmute communications, ideal for noisy environments.

Go beyond the desk phone

The REDCOM Secure Client can complement or completely replace your desk phone with a single all-inclusive app. The softphone app works seamlessly with the REDCOM Sigma® Virtual PBX, allowing you to take your office communications with you wherever you travel.

Open standards

Built on open standards

As a SIP-based softphone, the REDCOM Secure Client is interoperable with industry-standard devices. Extend the value of REDCOM Sigma® call control software or HDX/SLICE® platforms by bringing the power of unified communications to your PC or mobile device.

softphone app with an intuitive user interface

Intuitive user interface

The REDCOM Secure Client’s user interface focuses on human ergonomics for maximum accessibility. Multitasking support enables you to receive incoming calls on the REDCOM app while using other apps.

Dual Registration

Dual registration for survivability

The REDCOM Secure Client supports true dual registration to two independent SIP servers.

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