REDCOM Sigma Virtual PBX

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REDCOM® Sigma® Virtual PBX enables carriers to move away from on-premise PBXs to a robust and flexible cloud-based SaaS solution.

Unlike legacy TDM PBXs, REDCOM’s IP PBX is virtual, highly scalable, and cost-effective. REDCOM Sigma is multi-tenant, which means it can provide services to multiple premises or clients from a single instance of the software. With REDCOM Sigma Virtual PBX, service providers are better positioned to adapt to increasing customer demands and competitive industry dynamics, all at a lower operating cost.


REDCOM Sigma Virtual PBX is designed to help service providers realize more revenue per user. Because adding a new customer can be done entirely in software, there is nothing to prevent carriers from onboarding as many businesses as they want. Each of these customers provides the carrier with a steady stream of revenue, along with the
opportunity to expand its service offering by delivering new features to improve SMB efficiency.

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