REDCOM successfully demonstrates interoperability with Software Defined Radio technology at Air Force Research Labs

October 9, 2019

REDCOM Laboratories Inc., a leading developer of advanced communications solutions, has successfully completed extensive interoperability testing following a week-long exercise at the Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) in Rome, NY and Stockbridge, NY.

The exercise involved multiple test scenarios leveraging the AFRL high-capacity software-defined radio (SDR) network, a flexible, high capacity network running on Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) hardware. It can be established quickly and managed dynamically, with the ability to load new radio waveforms in software to adapt to changing situations on the ground. During this week of testing, REDCOM was able to demonstrate its switching and conferencing platforms in a U.S. Air Force testing environment designed to emulate a real-life emergency response scenario.

Fred Elliot demonstrating REDCOM equipment at AFRL.

“This exercise provided the opportunity for us to work closely with other technology vendors to successfully deploy REDCOM products over a high-speed next-generation software-defined radio network using off-the-shelf components,” said Fred Elliot, Business Development Manager, Solution Architecture, REDCOM. “We leveraged rapid advancement in SDR technology, proving that REDCOM can continue to provide mission-critical communications for first responders on tomorrow’s SDR networks.”

REDCOM solutions were installed in shelters at multiple locations at the Stockbridge site as well as a simulated Tactical Operations Center in Rome, NY. Not only did REDCOM test its capacity over SDR, but the team also tested interoperability with analog lines, magneto field phones, business-band land mobile radios, P25 radios, and LTE endpoints. “We set up the REDCOM communications gear quickly, using the same kind of workflow we’d use in a disaster response situation,” said Kal Baumwart, Strategic Manager, RF, REDCOM. “We couldn’t be happier with the results. We look forward to leveraging what we learned into future solutions for the first responder market.”

Moving forward, REDCOM intends to work with the AFRL as well as other partners to expand its solution set to ensure maximum interoperability in public safety scenarios. “This exercise showcased new technology in a seamless partnership with AFRL to deliver agile interoperable voice connections across multiple wireless devices in a multi-site scenario,” remarked Michael Gudaitis, AFRL. “Twenty years ago, I worked with REDCOM to deliver voice-bridging radio capability to first responders. Then, as now, REDCOM delivers great products with exceptional service.”



Based in Victor, NY, REDCOM Laboratories, Inc. is a woman-owned small business that specializes in the design and manufacture of advanced communications solutions with a focus on security, reliability, and interoperability. REDCOM’s customers include all branches of the military, government agencies, emergency responders, integrators, and enterprises. For additional information, please visit the REDCOM website at


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