From Buzzword to Brass Tacks: Resetting the Conversation on Zero Trust

November 16, 2022


In 2021, President Joe Biden issued an executive order that mandated agencies to start planning for the migration to a Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA). Since then, hundreds of tech companies have jumped on the Zero Trust bandwagon. Unfortunately, the market is now crowded with no shortage of overzealous misinformation and hyperbole. It is clear to us that the current Zero Trust conversation is not resonating with most organizations. For government entities and tactical units on a budget, some of the Zero Trust solutions being peddled today are either too expensive, too unrealistic or both.

Zero Trust is the future of cybersecurity, but how exactly should a serviceable ZTA operate? How can you get started if you’re not even sure where you’re going? Luckily, we believe there’s a sensible way to begin your journey into a ZTA. The bottom line is this – if you can get your old infrastructure to abide by the rules of Zero Trust, you too can have a Zero Trust network without ripping and replacing perfectly functional elements.

In this webinar, ZKX chief technologist Collin Sweeney leads a roundtable discussion with members of the ZKX R&D Team Alexis Korensky and Emerald Rafferty. This discussion will break down what a true ZTA means and how to get started today by focusing on the most critical pillars as identified by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Zero Trust maturity model: authentication of the user and the device.

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Collin Sweeney

Chief Technologist, ZKX

Alexis Holler

Research & Development Team Lead, ZKX