Mobile Deployable Communications

24–25 January

London, United Kingdom

From the strategic level down to the tactical, efficient and clear communications are key to operational success. The fast pace of modern warfare requires agile, highly adaptable forces capable of rapid movement whilst maintaining a consistent communication and situational awareness capability. Interoperability is also becoming increasingly important to ensure seamless command and control within a multinational coalition, especially given the rising operational tempo across Europe.

REDCOM’s Oswald Vazquez will be speaking on day one of the event about increasing interoperability at the tactical edge:

  • The biggest challenge: interoperability
  • Communications must be flexible, scalable, and converge any number of disparate devices/platforms together in real time
  • The right communications solution must operate seamlessly within austere or contested environments.
  • There needs to be more thought about how zero trust gets implemented at the tactical level


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Attending Team Members

Edwin Carrasquillo

Solutions Architect

Michael McCay

Strategic Planner