June 11-13th

Renaissance Hotel, Glendale, Phoenix AZ

REDCOM will be attending Dynamic Connections 2024 to demo the SVG-1200 at booth T2. The SVG-1200 provides users with easy-to-use multi-party ACC-compliant Type 1 conferencing capabilities utilizing General Dynamics Sectéra® vIPer™ phones. Each REDCOM SVG-1200 can interface with up to 12 vIPer phones, which act as voice encryptors for TDM or VoIP voice networks. The encryptors allow any line, trunk, or conference port to conduct secure voice communications with any SCIP-capable device.


Dynamic Connections brings over 500 security experts across government, industry and academia together to discuss and discover how to best secure classified information at the highest level of security to defend against dynamic threats and protect the nation’s most critical information.

Join REDCOM At Dynamic Connections

Michael Scaravillo

Major Account Manager

Steve White

Solutions Architect