AFCEA TechNet International 2023

June 6-7, 2023

Brussels, Belgium

Join REDCOM in Booth T21, or for our session on Improving Interoperability at the Tactical Edge on 6 June, at 15:10. Future operations will require command and control networks that support mobility, redundancy, survivability, and the ability to leverage available communication transmission paths.

The complexity and distributed nature of future conflict calls for C2 systems that are easy to use while reducing risk that will be introduced in the cyber domain. As nations acquire the next generation of tactical communications systems, it will be important to think about concepts such as lifecycle costs, training costs, ease of deployment, Joint/Coalition interoperability, and operational flexibility.

In this briefing, we’ll discuss the operational challenges of the technical push to the tactical edge in the context of potential adversarial capabilities and offer some perspectives on how to sustain C2 functions in future operating environments.