2021 Joint Networks Summit

February, 3-4

Live Broadcast

Tactics, Threats, and Technology

REDCOM’s Mike Sweeney, Col USMC (Ret), will be speaking at this year’s Joint Networks Summit. The event has been reformatted to a live broadcast, making it easier than ever to attend the live speaking engagements.

Join Mike Sweeney on February 3rd from 15:00-15:30 EST for his session on Tactics, Threats, and Technology.

This session will cover:

  •  Z-Auth: REDCOM’s zero-knowledge solution based on hyper ledger technology
  • Tactical interoperability solutions for the joint/Coalition fight
  • Balancing emerging threats and new technology

Download the REDCOM Z-Auth White Paper

REDCOM Z-Auth™ is a multi-factor identification and authentication system for vetting access to confidential resources — such as sensitive data and secure communication channels — without the need to store user secrets on the client or server side. This makes REDCOM Z-Auth highly secure against data breaches.

Click here to download our white paper to learn more about this solution.

Speaking at the event

Mike Sweeney