Feature-rich C2 communications console for the tactical edge and first responder networks

July 28, 2022

Revolutionizing the tactical communications console

When it comes to software-based dispatch consoles for military and public safety, users previously had only one choice. REDCOM has changed all that with the release of the Sigma C2 Console.

When developing the C2 Console, REDCOM did not adapt commercial software to the tactical environment. Rather, the Sigma C2 Console was built from the ground up with military and public safety users in mind. This means we focused on the areas most critical for the tactical domain: user experience (UX), simplicity, and scalability.

  • User experience: New users (whether they are Desktop communicators or personnel in the field) can get up to speed on the C2 Console in minutes and master the software in a matter of hours. The interface is intuitive, with all necessary functions and buttons in plain sight.
  • Simplicity: The REDCOM Sigma C2 Console includes all the expected console functions required by military users and first responders without the feature bloat. It runs on a standard web browser, which means the Console can be accessed from any device.
  • Scalable: the C2 Console scales across echelons. It can be used at large operations centers at the brigade or battalion level to monitor and control comms of hundreds of users, or it can be used by platoons to manage highly mobile comms of squads and fire teams.

Improve situational awareness in chaotic, contested, and DIL environments

A natural disaster, an emergency response situation, and tactical operations on the battlefield have one thing in common: chaos. In these scenarios, the ability to quickly and efficiently manage comms is a matter of life and death. The REDCOM C2 Console brings order to chaos, making it easy to monitor and control all tactical communications from a single screen. Endpoints can be radio nets, TSM talk groups, or any kind of IP device, and they can be positioned locally or remote. Can talk to end points one to one or patch together multiple in real time.

TSM MANET interoperability

The REDCOM C2 Console includes native support for talk groups on a TrellisWare TSM mobile ad-hoc network. TSM talk groups can be added as connections in the C2 Console app. Each TSM talk group can be bridged together with other TSM talk groups, radio nets, and SIP endpoints. This extends voice talk groups beyond the TSM network by linking talk groups with other analog radios and the rest of the C2 network.

Reduce costs and simplify complex operations at the tactical edge

Existing console products are too old, too complex, and too costly to meet the DoD’s doctrine that requires expeditionary forces to become faster, more mobile, and more efficient. Competitive console products require a dizzyingly complex setup of servers, software, and licenses. Even when properly installed and configured, users are presented with an impossibly convoluted interface that grinds tactical operations to a halt.

REDCOM’s C2 Console is refreshingly simple to procure, deploy, and learn. Because it’s a part of the REDCOM Sigma C2 software, activation is accomplished by using a simple feature license file. REDCOM Sigma is a complete software-based Command & Control solution with voice, video, chat, and conferencing. REDCOM Sigma® increases the warfighter’s operational flexibility while reducing size, weight, and power (SWaP) requirements at the tactical edge. Sigma is based on open standards with a focus on interoperability, flexibility, and ease of use. Sigma and the C2 Console provide an interface that is clean and uncluttered, allowing tactical users to focus on the mission at hand, rather than jumping through UI hurdles. New users can learn the REDCOM C2 Sigma software in minutes.