Are your multi-party secure comms ACC compliant?

May 18, 2022

What are your plans for Secure Voice Modernization?

You can communicate securely and be ACC compliant by using General Dynamics Sectéra® vIPer™ phones, however, this is only point-to-point.

If you need to conference together multiple parties anywhere in the world using ACC-compliant Type 1 encryption, then you need the REDCOM Secure Voice Gateway (SVG). The REDCOM SVG enables any number of conferees to easily communicate securely whether they are on the red side or black side of the network.

NSA ACC-Compliant Secure Conferencing

Type-1 NSA ACC is the mandated standard for asymmetric cryptographic algorithms providing confidentiality services. An NSA Type 1 encryption product is a device or system certified by the NSA for use in cryptographically secured classified United States Government (USG) information. The USG classified data may range from Confidential to Secret to Top Secret.

The General Dynamics Sectéra vIPer is the only NSA-certified, ACC-compliant secure VoIP phone available for purchase today. The REDCOM SVG leverages these Sectéra vIPer phones to provide the encryption, while the REDCOM system handles the call control and conferencing capabilities.

The REDCOM SVG is easy to install and easy to use. These systems are already deployed within multiple Federal agencies and proven at the highest levels of government.

REDCOM SVG special features

In addition to robust call control and conferencing capabilities, the REDCOM SVG has some unique features that enhance security and quality of life:

  • Auto Re-Key – conducts periodic calls to the National Re-Key facility for your vIPer phones so you don’t have to do this manually
  • Auto Un-Lock – maintains an unlock state for your vIPer phones
  • MLS (Multi-Level Security) – Different classification levels can be in the same SVG yet segregated by clearance type. For example, Secret and Top-Secret conferences can run simultaneously on one system, while being completely separate.
  • RACCG (REDCOM Automatic Conference Code Generator) – self-provisioning periodic conference code generator (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
  • MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) – provides calling party’s information to the secure enclave to allow them into the secure conference
  • Easily integrates with REDCOM’s Advanced Conferencing System (REDCOM Sigma®)

Secure your agency communications today with REDCOM SVG

The REDCOM Secure Voice Gateway is in use today and is trusted with some of the most secure communications in the world.

Note that we are not bound by supply chain constraints. We are able to fulfill orders for the REDCOM SVG immediately. Make the move to a REDCOM SVG while you still have time to comply with mandated Type-1 NSA ACC compliance standards.

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