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Sigma C2 Console Overview Series

In this video series, the REDCOM Solution Architect team demonstrates the features and capabilities of Sigma C2 Console. REDCOM Sigma® C2 Console is a powerful app that provides operators with a single pane of glass to monitor and control all communications within the tactical C2 network, including both SIP and radio endpoints. The REDCOM C2 Console is browser-based and runs on any PC, laptop, or tablet.

The C2 Console provides the user with a unified interface for controlling all IP and RF comms, including TSM talk groups. Users can instantly patch together disparate endpoints, and communicate to any connection. The C2 Console user inferface was built specifically to meet the needs of the warfighter at the tactical edge, while drastically reducing cost, infrastructure, and complexity.

REDCOM Sigma® C2 Console Introduction

In this video, Solutions Architect, Steve Lawless walks you through a brief introduction to REDCOM Sigma® C2 Console.

Tactical Comms Convergence

In this video, Solutions Architect Steve Lawless demonstrates tactical comms convergence using REDCOM’s Sigma C2 Console.

C2 Communications for Next-Gen Superiority

In this webinar, Courtney Stiles introduces C2 console, which gives warfighters a single pane of glass for monitoring and controlling all communications on the tactical network.