Future Soldier Technology Conference 2021

June 8, 2021

Critical to mission success, soldiers’ capabilities to engage and defeat new threats have been prioritized by Army Futures Command as a critical area for development. Future Soldier Technology USA will bring together military leaders and technical experts to address the evolving capability spectrum of dismounted technology of the US Armed Forces.

Future operating concepts for the U.S. Army outline the need to converge warfighting capabilities into systems that are faster, lighter, and more interoperable, all while improving ease of use. Next-gen platforms like CMOSS hold a lot of promise, but we all know that the process of implementing new technology at the tactical edge can be a challenge. REDCOM recognizes this, which is why we are actively developing solutions that not only solve today’s challenges but also provide a bridge to the platforms of tomorrow.

REDCOM’s Strategic Planning & Research Manager Sal Ceravolo and Business Development Manager Courtney Stiles presented at this year’s Future Soldier Technology Conference. Their discussion highlights how REDCOM’s solution set today maps directly to future Army requirements such as CMOSS, wireless, SDR, and more.