Use Case | MANET Interop

Crossbanding MANET and RF Networks


Through the REDCOM Sigma XRI-400, MANET (Mobile Ad-hoc Network) radios from TrellisWare, Silvus Technologies, and Persistent Systems can crossband with traditional RF networks, greatly expanding their range and providing more implementation options. By combining a MANET system with traditional radio networks, operators can maintain communications within contested areas without replacing their entire system or expensive relay systems. The XRI-400 also enables interoperability between joint forces with disparate devices, and long-range communication in DIL environments.   


Special Operations Forces (SOFs) need reliable means of communicating adjacent (to other units) and vertically (to upper and lower echelons) during operations in Disconnected, Intermittent, and Limited Space (DIL) environments. In these environments, RF transmissions can be inconstant or unusable, requiring MANET systems.       


In DIL environments, MANET systems may be the only viable option for communication between SOFs. While MANET systems are highly effective for these scenarios, they may lack the range and interoperability necessary for Joint Force Operations. SOFs equipped with a MANET radio can only contact other units in the area using the same system, meaning disparate equipment can completely sever communications within an operation. Similarly, SOFs may only have equipment capable of contacting their commanding unit or may not have access to a MANET system.    

The REDCOM Solution

Through the XRI-400, the incompatible systems can be linked together, allowing adjacent communication without using liaison officers or representatives (LNOs) or carrying additional radios. This also prevents manually relaying communications within Command Posts or Operations Centers, increasing operational efficiency. By utilizing the XRI-400, Joint Force members can keep their existing systems, solving the issue of incompatible networks without completely replacing gear. The XRI-400 can also crossband MANET radios with high-powered relays, maintaining a connection between SOFs and Operational Centers in cases where a MANET radio cannot support long-range communications.

Sigma XRI provides interoperability with Silvus and Persistent Systems MANETs and existing tactical radios.

About the XRI-400

REDCOM’s Sigma XRI-400 is a compact but powerful Command and Control platform that solves these interoperability and connectivity challenges by leveraging existing assets and endpoints. The XRI-400 instantly connects radio networks, LTE, VoIP, SATCOM, and more, providing reliable communications in any scenario.

The XRI integrates with existing military equipment without the hassle of a long and convoluted setup process. Because Sigma XRI-400 is a full-featured C2 platform, radio users can communicate directly with users on other radio nets, TSM networks, and SIP endpoints (such as mobile devices and desk phones).