For decades outsourcing manufacturing to foreign nations has become the new normal across all industries, but this is particularly dangerous for companies that supply hardware and software to the government and military. REDCOM is one of the few tech companies that always resisted the impulse to outsource. While competitors rushed to offshore as many jobs as possible, REDCOM realized that the risks to security and quality far outweighed any potential cost savings.

All REDCOM products are proudly designed, developed, engineered, and supported at our state-of-the-art facility in the United States.

U.S.-based manufacturing

Because the products we build at REDCOM are at the heart of mission-critical communications networks in the defense sector, we take the development of hardware and software very seriously. Our manufacturing lines are located in upstate NY, within our wholly-owned and secure facility. REDCOM has proactively addressed every step of the supply chain to reduce risk, making our products TAA compliant.

U.S.-based support

All support calls are answered and resolved by our in-house technical staff in upstate NY. When you call REDCOM’s customer service, you get to speak directly with Tier 2 Customer Support engineers — no IVR-circles or foreign call centers.

Shorter turns on development

With all software and hardware engineering efforts under one roof, we can adapt quickly to customer requirements without compromising security. We never outsource software engineering to developers from foreign nations — all REDCOM engineers are U.S. persons working out of our headquarters.

Focused roadmap

Our focused roadmap drives specialized solutions for our targeted customer segments. The way we have structured our business allows us to pivot quickly to emerging trends in the marketplace and keep up with DoD directives.

Established certification cadence

Our predictable certification cadence ensures our products comply with the latest guidance from certifying organizations such as FIPS, JITC and the NSA. This ensures our products are constantly being validated for interoperability and cybersecurity.

Continuous Improvement

REDCOM is always working to improve our security posture. We are constantly evolving our cybersecurity policy and honing our cyber incident response procedures. We use NIST 800-171 as our foundation and will be targeting CMMC certification as that becomes available to us in the DoD’s phased approach.