Staying Connected in Crisis: Enabling C2 Comms in a Tactical Domain

February 25, 2022

The current situation over national sovereignty in eastern Europe has the world on edge. It began with cyberattacks and is quickly evolving into kinetic warfare. Critical lines of communication are already being impacted. Without communications, a country is crippled, unable to coordinate a response, move troops, or bring in medical assistance.  

In these situations, a stand-alone Command and Control communications system becomes a critical lifeline. Forces need the ability to distribute C2 comms capabilities in places that are not known to the adversary. Furthermore, these systems must not be dependent on a single transmission path. In the event that the IP network is taken down or a satellite is rendered inoperable, forces must be capable of pivoting to an alternate transmission path. 

REDCOM solutions are uniquely positioned to enable comms in the tactical domain. Our Sigma software and Sigma XRI hardware deliver the resilience, mobility, interoperability, and ease of use required for forces at the tactical edge. 


Future conflicts will be remote, dispersed, and often operate in contested environments where communications may be disrupted or outright denied. Thus, a C2 comms platform for the next fight must be lightweight, flexible, and resilient. 

REDCOM Sigma XRI is built specifically for these scenarios, enabling forces to leverage existing infrastructure and communicate across networks, technologies, and waveforms. From tactical radios on different nets to SIP endpoints and SATCOM devices, Sigma XRI enables powerful stand-alone C2 comms at the tactical edge. 

If a cyber threat or outright attack renders IP-based communications inoperable, Sigma XRI can sustain critical C2 comms without requiring reach back to higher HQ. 


As operations become more decentralized and distributed, the ability to communicate is more important than ever. REDCOM Sigma XRI enables warfighters to sustain lines of communication while on the move without getting bogged down by gear. The small form factor, robust design, and low power requirements of the Sigma XRI means it can be deployed to the tactical edge in a backpack, on a vehicle, or on aerial assets. This is particularly valuable in forward-deployed scenarios where resources are limited, and soldiers must be as light as possible. 


The ability to command, control, and communicate with Joint and Coalition forces will be critical to mission success in the next fight. Things become exponentially more complicated when multiple nations — with disparate communications technology — get involved on foreign soil. 

The new REDCOM C2 console enables all disparate endpoints to be monitored and controlled from a single pane of glass. The C2 Console runs on any already-deployed PC, laptop, tablet, or MFoCS device, and soldiers can be trained on the platform in minutes. 

Ease of Use  

Usability is imperative to today’s warfighter, whether they are at the tactical edge or in a network operations center environment. REDCOM Sigma’s graphical user interface is intuitive and easy to use. Incidental users or administrators can be trained in minutes. This allows defense forces to further improve their force design by allowing for smaller geographically dispersed teams that do not require field service representatives or IT experts. 


The requirement for effective, stand-alone C2 comms has become more important than ever before. REDCOM can play an important role in delivering proven C2 solutions to enable communications that help defend freedom anywhere in the world. Most critically, REDCOM technology can reduce complexity and lifecycle costs while improving the operational tempo of troops at the tactical edge. For more information on REDCOM Sigma or Sigma XRI, contact a REDCOM solution advisor today.