As of January 1, 2024, an annual maintenance contract in the form of the REDCOM Maintenance & Support Program will be required for software upgrades, training, and technical support on the REDCOM HDX and SLICE® family of products.


Software Upgrades

This program includes software upgrades to the latest “C” load V5.2CR2P9 or “A” load v4.0AR5P8. Future software upgrades beyond these loads will be determined at REDCOM’s sole discretion. No new feature development will be considered. Potential software upgrades will only be considered for the HDX and SLICE family of products and excludes any soft clients or application software that may be associated with the products. If a hardware card is required to support the above software upgrade, it will require a separate quote from REDCOM.


Product Training

Each purchase of this program includes access for two individuals to a comprehensive five-day training session held virtual or on-site at REDCOM’s headquarters. This benefit can be used annually. Please contact REDCOM for further details and specific dates for training sessions.

Students who successfully complete training should be able to perform activities without assistance, such as:

1. Routine administration, such as line moves, adds, and changes.

2. Adding LRNs to the LRN dial code table.

3. Adding EAS patterns.

4. Troubleshooting SIP and SS7 connections.

5. Analyzing call translations.


24/7 technical support

This program provides unlimited technical support on issues specific to REDCOM equipment. Services under this program do not include the support of hardware or software not purchased from REDCOM or an authorized reseller, network issues, or issues with other vendors’ products. If an after-action analysis determines the root cause was not due to a defect/deficiency with the REDCOM product or service, additional charges may apply at a rate of $300/hour. REDCOM also expects that your technicians will be properly trained on REDCOM equipment before engaging with our tech support team.

Customers can request support by contacting our Customer Service team during normal business hours (M–F, 8:00–5:00 Eastern Time) by calling 585-924-6500 or by emailing

Outside of normal business hours, requests for services may be made by calling 585-262-3659. After-hours support is for business-critical issues only where a system is down and there is no available workaround with the REDCOM equipment. In either case, you will be interacting directly with our Tier II support engineers and specialists — no IVR circles or foreign call centers. REDCOM will use commercially reasonable efforts in the performance of technical support. Our time targets for responding to requests for support are one hour for service-affecting issues and one business day for all other issues. We always include best-effort consultation on the proper usage of the REDCOM HDX and SLICE platforms.

We do not offer services such as project management, coordination activities involving 3rd party vendors, or billing reconciliation. Other terms and conditions apply. Contact REDCOM for complete details.


Annual Program Pricing

The annual program pricing is based on your product’s software load (either “A” or “C”):

“A” Load (DoD, ITAR)

$11,800/unit or $6000/unit for more than 100 units (Quantity Discount). This covers support and maintenance and a hardware limited warranty.

“C” Load (Commercial):

$5000/unit for support and maintenance. Hardware is covered under the current RMA process and pricing.

Program Enrollment

Customers can enroll in the REDCOM Maintenance & Support Program starting Aug 1, 2023, with the program going into effect on January 1, 2024. REDCOM will require verification of ownership of serialized hardware at the time of enrollment. Any support plan already in place that continues into 2024 will be honored and then renewed under these terms.

Program Termination

The final annual enrollment opportunity for the REDCOM Maintenance & Support Program will occur on January 1, 2028. On January 1, 2029, no further support will be available.


Can I buy tech support hours?

No. There is not an option to purchase pay-as-you-go support hours.


Can I buy a software upgrade?

No. There is not an option to purchase just a software upgrade.


Is the REDCOM Maintenance and Support Program mandatory?

No. It is not required that you purchase the REDCOM Maintenance & Support Program for your HDX or SLICE. However, it is required to be purchased before any upgrades, training, and technical support is provided.


Do I have to purchase in January?

No. You may purchase at any point throughout the year. The Period of Performance (PoP) will be one year from the date of purchase. If a plan is purchased in 2028, it will be pro-rated through December 31st, 2028.


Is there a hardware limited warranty for the HDX and SLICE products using Commercial “C” Loads?

No. Hardware is not covered for the HDX or SLICE family of products using Commercial “C” Loads. RMAs will follow the RMA process and will incur a separate charge.

Contact REDCOM

Reach out to us for more information or to set up your maintenance plan.