Sigma was designed to be a reliable C2 solution for warfighters on the tactical edge, and that requires deployment flexibility. Through this flexibility, Sigma can bolster or enable communications ecosystems however and wherever a warfighter needs them. Sigma can be implemented in a pre-existing network, greatly improving interoperability and the flow of information without replacing any technology warfighters are accustomed to. It can also be implemented as part of a modernization effort, allowing new technology to interoperate with legacy equipment that doesn’t need to be left behind, reducing cost.

Sigma Deployment Option 1


REDCOM Sigma® is an intuitive software-based command and control (C2) platform designed to increase operational flexibility while minimizing size, weight, and power (SWaP) requirements. With rapid boot time, quick setup, and resilience to hard shutdown, REDCOM Sigma delivers a fully scalable feature set including voice, video, chat, conferencing, and an integrated C2 console.

Sigma C2 Software Dashboard

Key Benefits

  • Entirely software-based solution; hardware- and hypervisor-agnostic
  • Flexible deployment options: Virtualized, CMOSS, Bare metal, and Cloud
  • Works with already fielded RoIP gateways and SIP devices
  • Removes expensive voice management solutions
  • Scalable up to thousands of users
  • Transport Agnostic

Sigma Deployment Option 2


The REDCOM Sigma Extended Radio Interoperability (XRI-400) platform is a small form factor command and control (C2) platform that contains all of the capabilities of REDCOM Sigma software. The XRI-400 delivers voice, video, chat, and radio interoperability in a single low-SWaP ruggedized box, making it the perfect solution for all tactical echelons.

Sigma XRI-400 works with virtually any public safety or tactical radio, including portable radios, mobile radios, base stations, and repeater units, and it does not emit radio frequency radiation that might interfere with radios or other nearby electronic equipment. The XRI-400 can crossband disparate networks, bolstering your PTT ecosystem.

Key Benefits

  • One integrated, low SWaP box
  • Removes expensive voice management solutions
  • Works with existing gateways
  • Enables C2 comms in DIL Environments
  • Increases operational flexibility
  • Transport agnostic: works with any form of encryption, waveform, and transmission path

REDCOM Sigma XRI-400

Sigma Deployment Option 3


We offer ALL of the Sigma XRI-400’s functionality in a compute module specifically designed for the Klas Voyager and PacStar Tactical Communication Systems. The Sigma modules enable voice, video, chat, transcoding, radio gateway, radio interoperability, native TSM integration, and conferencing, interoperability on the Voyager and PacStar networks. Sigma does work on these chassis with a third-party RoIP gateway, but with these modules, you eliminate additional third-party hardware while simplifying the network and reducing procurement, management, and sustainment costs. The Sigma module allows these devices to operate with other tactical radios, improving joint force communications.