Evaluating Encryption Schemes for Use in Secure Multi-Party VoIP Conferencing

December 4, 2018

Secure, real-time, n-party VoIP teleconferencing is an area of encrypted communication which the market has largely failed to actualize for private or commercial use.

In this piece, we discuss different encryption schemes for potential use in a product developed for secure, multi-party VoIP conferencing. The encryption regimes are evaluated based on multiple different factors such as overall functionality, level of security, computational cost, estimated market-readiness, and post-quantum endurance. We also discuss real-world prototype developments and their success with secure VoIP.

If you’re interested in learning more, click below to download our white paper on Evaluating Encryption Schemes. The paper was authored by REDCOM’s Collin Sweeney, who has been working at REDCOM with Sal Ceravolo as a Research Assistant.

Download the White Paper