Tactical Interoperability from REDCOM and public safety communications

Bridging communications technology

REDCOM solutions span the gap between disparate systems and allow for unlimited interoperability configurations via a GUI interface, connecting normally disparate technologies. This type of flexibility boosts the effectiveness of interoperability applications by providing multiple ways of communication without the need for additional equipment.

REDCOM provides the “pure magic” you need to connect people and if your challenge is connecting to other vendor’s equipment, we base our development on ratified standards that serve all communities of interest. We won’t paint you into a corner with a purely custom solution in order to secure more business. If you already own communication equipment, keep what you like, and replace what you need.

We build a multitude of interfaces for almost any situation. These interfaces can be hardware- or software-based. If you have a mix of subscriber access equipment such as TR-008, GR-303, FXS/FXO, MGCP, SIP, or a mix of trunking technologies like SS7, MF TSPS/FGC/FGD/EAP, SIP, we supply powerful equipment to bridge these technologies.

Solving tactical interoperability problems

At REDCOM, we provide easy-to-use configuration tools that require minimal training and eliminates copious service or support. Given a small amount of guidance, our customers manage their equipment on their own. We are available 24 x 7 x 365 to help, but the need is rare and there are no ridiculous annual maintenance fees.

Do you have a special requirement that other vendors can’t help you with?  Talk to us. We are solutions experts. We think inside, or outside, the box as needed. We prefer not to create any boundaries along the way. Perhaps there is no box at all.