Command and Control from REDCOM

Command & Control through Communication

Command and Control (C2) has many definitions. In the public safety incident command realm, it is directing resources to achieve incident objectives. REDCOM solutions directly support C2 conditions where they matter most.

The tools and function of command and control evolves with each leap in technology. C2 is both art and science, the art of sustaining critical functions during a critical incident and the science of integrating the tools that provide the highest performance in communication technology.

Flexibility for communications at the tactical edge

The REDCOM approach: adaptive and flexible

Our product configuration, controls and management can be used without extensive training or field service, reducing support requirements overall.

Our capabilities support C2 over IP-based infrastructure – accommodating TDM and analog paths when the integration of assets to other modes of communication is required. The integration of disparate networks directly addresses interoperability challenges when coordination with mutual aid resources.