Shipboard Communications

Shipboard Communications

Integrated Communications for Maritime Applications

REDCOM solutions are ideal for shipboard communications and have been installed on ships and submarines, including the Virginia Class (United States Navy) and Astute Class (Royal Navy). REDCOM received an “Outstanding Supplier” Award for their work on the Royal Navy’s Astute Class Submarine Internal Communications System (ICS).

Sample Integrated Maritime Communications Package
Shipboard Communications Package

The REDCOM SLICE product family’s small footprint, and powerful state-of-the-art telephony system, is a good choice when space is at a premium. REDCOM’s SLICE, SLICE IP, and SLICE 2100 are 1U high and may be rack mounted; while the smaller SLICE 2100 Micro can fit on a desktop.

SLICE’s complete feature set including conferencing, transfer, callback, and call detail recording. REDCOM’s ISDN BRI CommandSet’s handset Push-to-Talk (PTT) button keys the transmitter of connected VHF or SSB radios. Calls may be connected world-wide by using a TracPhone satellite connection while at sea, or a dock-side phone line may be used in port.

The SLICE can support up to 48 analog line circuits, 4 BRI-S line circuits, and 2 digital (E1/T1) spans which operate as a domestic or international gateway.  The SLICE 2100 is a hybrid IP/TDM platform that provides Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) while maintaining connectivity to legacy interfaces. REDCOM designs integrated custom solutions to meet your specific needs.

A representative commercial marine vessel example is shown below:

KG Marine

In today’s highly interconnected and fast-paced world, communications are a necessity for executives who are on the go. While your yacht might be used for leisure and entertaining family and friends, it must also serve as a shipboard office. The Office To Go Yachts from KG Marine LLC are specifically designed for business people who need to keep in touch with their worldwide locations while out of the office. You even have the option of installing a next-generation REDCOM voice switching system, enabling you to stay connected wherever your yachting might take you.

KG Marine’s 62’ and 66’ sport yachts include an office and communications facility as well as wireless network. Whether you are connected to the outside world through satellite, WiFi, or cellular service, your yacht is equipped for connectivity in the marine environment, so that you can stay in-the-loop with your business even if you are out of the office.