V.150.1 Gateway

V.150.1 Gateway

Encryption assurance in VoIP networks using legacy Secure terminals

REDCOM’s V.150.1 Gateway provides seamless encryption between secure communications interoperability protocol (SCIP) devices in IP networks by transforming the SCIP signals to V.150.1 modem signals which pass through the IP network. REDCOM’s V.150.1 Gateway application meets DISA’s AS-SIP requirements. But it’s not just a simple converter, it also includes full Call Control and Media Gateway functions and has been approved as a Local Session Controller (LSC) by DISA under the Unified Capabilities Requirements (UCR).

Secure and encryption developers worldwide have recognized the comprehensive and correct implementation of V.150.1 by REDCOM, and use REDCOM’s V.150.1 Gateway to develop and test their own applications. It is also popular in OEM applications since it is “ready to go” out of the box.

With REDCOM’s Application Programming Interface (API) the V.150.1 Gateway can be used as the core controller for custom application development, integrating with external databases, trigger points, and control structures. Developers can bring product to market much faster and reliably with REDCOM’s V.150.1 Gateway.

Secure Calling via V.150.1