What are Advanced Cryptographic Capabilities (ACC)?

Advanced Cryptographic Capabilities (ACC) is a National Security Agency (NSA) mandated standard for asymmetric cryptographic algorithms providing confidentiality services. Devices affected by these ACC standards are In-line Network Encryptors (INEs) and certain secure voice solutions.

REDCOM Solutions with Advanced Cryptographic Capabilities

The REDCOM Secure Voice Gateway is an ACC-compliant integrated solution for Type 1 secure voice gateways to connect new and legacy SCIP secure voice devices. This solution employs a REDCOM SVG-1200 and General Dynamics Sectéra vIPer phones as encryptors. Powered by REDCOM’s flagship Sigma command and control software, the REDCOM SVG-1200 enables secure multi-party voice conferencing across red and black networks. The included REDCOM Conference Manager app provides real-time conference control and attendee information from a browser-based app.

SVG 1200

The REDCOM SVG-1200 can connect up to twelve standard production Sectéra vIPer Phones, which act as voice encryptors. The vIPer encryptors are NSA–certified, delivering Type 1 encryption and SCIP interoperability to protect sensitive voice calls classified Top Secret and below. If more than 12 secure talk paths are required, multiple SVG-1200 units may be networked together.

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