What are Advanced Cryptographic Capabilities (ACC)?

Advanced Cryptographic Capabilities (ACC) is a National Security Agency (NSA) mandated standard for asymmetric cryptographic algorithms providing confidentiality services. Devices affected by these ACC standards are In-line Network Encryptors (INEs) and certain secure voice solutions.

REDCOM Solutions with Advanced Cryptographic Capabilities

The REDCOM Secure Voice Gateway is an ACC-compliant integrated solution for Type 1 secure voice gateways tconnect new and legacy SCIP secure voice devices. This solution employs a REDCOM HDX system configured with REDCOM’s new Secure Device Interface board – enabling both call control and conferencing 

Advanced Cryptographic Capabilities (ACC) Compliant REDCOM Secure Voice Gateway

Each of these Secure Device Interface boards can connect up to four standard production Sectéra vIPer Phones, which act as voice encryptors. The vIPer encryptors are NSA–certified, delivering Type 1 encryption and SCIP interoperability to protect sensitive voice calls classified Top Secret and below.  

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