Leadership changes

REDCOM makes leadership changes

REDCOM has made some changes to its executive leadership team. Dinah Gueldenpfennig Weisberg, who held several leadership roles at REDCOM during her 30-year tenure with the company, has been promoted to President. Reporting to Weisberg as Chief Operating Officer is Chris Hasenauer, a veteran of the telecom industry.

IIoT is Great—But Don’t Forget About the Humans

If you’re an IT or communications technology professional, you’ve most likely read more than one article recently about the Industrial Internet of Things. Everyone knows that IIoT is going to substantially change the manufacturing, critical infrastructure, and processing industries, but it may be surprising to learn that Unified Communications (UC) can add important functionality, and value, to IIoT implementations.

REDCOM launches Sigma® military-grade Unified Communications software

REDCOM is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the Sigma® product family, a complete software-based Unified Communications (UC) solution. REDCOM leveraged decades of experience to build Sigma to meet the demanding requirements of government and military entities. Sigma is based on open standards with a focus on interoperability, reliability, and security.
Minerva Valley - Coppercom Replacement

Minerva Valley Companies Modernizes its Communications Network with a REDCOM Carrier-Grade Softswitch

REDCOM was instrumental in helping a rural Iowa service provider achieve its goal of reducing maintenance costs, power usage, and administrative expenses by upgrading to a REDCOM HDX softswitch.

REDCOM HDX and SLICE Family of Products continue UC Approved Product listing with latest JITC certified software release

REDCOM's HDX/SLICE Version 4.0AR3PD has been placed on the DISA UC Approved Products List (APL) and are JITC Certified.
REDCOM Radio Gateway: ACU-2000 Alternative

REDCOM Radio Gateway: An ACU-2000 Alternative

Earlier this year, Raytheon closed its JPS division and discontinued the ACU-2000 Radio Gateway. We'd like you to know that REDCOM’s CrucialConnect Radio Gateway solution is a powerful alternative.
UC Conferencing Simplified

Conferencing. Simplified.

Sigma's intuitive web-based call routing translator allows you to build new conferences with a few simple clicks, including simple meet-me conferences, password-protected conferences and even preset conferences.
Protect against fraud

Protect Your Network Against Fraud

It only takes a day to lose massive amounts of money due to fraudulent call activity. There are several ways you can protect your network by conducting a traffic audit, setting up traffic restrictions, and securing your IP network.