SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking

Reduce OpEx, Boost Revenues

SIP trunking represents a tremendous opportunity for service providers to leverage the benefits of VoIP for reduced OpEx. And with a migration to IP by major international and long distance carriers, SIP is becoming virtually mandatory for migration and new interconnects.

The advantages of SIP trunking are many: aggregation of voice and data optimizes bandwidth usage; additional voice channels can be turned up without the need for new hardware; industry standardization for connectors and the SIP 2.0 protocol mean fast and easy growth.  All of this adds up to a potential for extensive and long-term savings.

SIP alone though is insufficient for voice grade applications. REDCOM’s TRANSip Technology suite is more than just SIP, it is truly a comprehensive, carrier-class implementation. Packet voice specific features include compression, DTMF digit encoding (to pass customer pressed digits), and Modem- and Fax-over IP that enable retention of fax and Point of Sale terminals by the end users.

Combined with the legacy interface support in REDCOM’s products, SIP trunking enables network operators to migrate to IP-based services while retaining infrastructure investments.

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